Like any piece of clothing, the hijab isn’t one size fits all.

Women around the world choose to wear — or not to wear — a headscarf or veil for many reasons.

A few studies have found that modest clothing is connected with a healthier body image. So Swami and one of his graduate students looked at whether the hijab protected women against the pressure to be thin.

Read more: Covering Up With The Hijab May Aid Women’s Body Image

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Nelson and the Bear

by Richard Westall

In 1773 Horatio Nelson served as a midshipman in the ‘Carcass’, which sailed under Captain Constantine Phipps on a Polar expedition to try to find a north-east passage to the Pacific. These two strongly built bomb-vessels were both obliged to return when they found their way impenetrably barred by ice to the north of Spitsbergen. During the attempt, Nelson set off with a friend to stalk a polar bear. His musket misfired and he attacked the bear with the butt-end until saved from harm by a rift in the ice, which separated him from the animal. A gun was fired from the ship to scare the bear off and Nelson justified his action to a furious Captain Lutwidge by stating that he wished to kill the bear to take its skin home to his father.

Date painted: c.1806

Oil on oak panel, 36.8 x 55.8 cm

Collection: National Maritime Museum


Hiss is a snake bracelet from the 1st century A.D.

Designed to look like a coil around the wearer, this would have been worn in a pair on the wrist or upper arm. A tinier head appears coming from the snake’s tail. Look closely.

Snake Bracelet, A.D. 1 - 100, Romano-Egyptian. J. Paul Getty Museum.