September 1899: 15-year old Eleanor Roosevelt Attends Allenswood School in London

This month in 1899, Eleanor Roosevelt’s grandmother sent 15-year-old Eleanor to Allenswood School, an exclusive academy near London, to be formally educated.  Up until this point, Eleanor had been instructed privately at home. Eleanor wrote fondly of her time at Allenswood and its headmistress, Marie Souvestre, describing the experience as the “happiest of my life.”

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(1) Eleanor Roosevelt at Mademoiselle Marie Souvestre’s Allenswood School, South Fields, England, c.1900. Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library (2) Wikimedia Commons


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Artist concept of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) 70-metric-ton configuration launching to space. SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built for deep space missions, including to an asteroid and ultimately to Mars. The first SLS mission — Exploration Mission 1 — will launch an uncrewed Orion spacecraft to a stable orbit beyond the moon and bring it back to Earth to demonstrate the integrated system performance of the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft’s re-entry and landing prior to a crewed flight.

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